Indoor Air Quality

Mold and Allergen Sampling
Indoor air quality is one of the most overlooked , yet one of the most significant aspects of your home.
Exposure of indoor allergens or molds can lead to a variety of health problems. If you, a family member,
or friend are experiencing any of the following symptoms, you could have an indoor air quality problem.
Antigens produce health effects through inflammation, allergy, or infection. Allergic reactions are most
common following exposure. Typical symptoms that exposed persons report (alone or in combination)

Respiratory problems, such as wheezing, difficulty breathing, and shortness of breath
Nasal and sinus congestion
Eye irritation (burning, watery, or reddened eyes)
Dry, hacking cough
Nose or throat irritation
Skin rashes or irritations
Headaches, memory problems, mood swings

ERMI Mold Index Report:
Using mold-specific quantitative Polymerase Chain Reaction (MSQPCR) the analysis for species-specific qualification is achieved. The ERMI index was EPA formulated in late 2006 and incorporated in our
sampling and laboratory reporting.

Air Sampling
Screening by air sampling one of the most reliable, quick and cost-efficient mold tests available today.

Sterile Swab Sampling
Screening by sterile swab sampling can be performed when there are visible signs of mold growth.

Allergen and Asthma Sampling
Screen  for Allergen and Asthma triggers with the newest most efficient dust sampling. Dust Check ™     
Mold,  Formaldehyde Testing - Chinese Laminate Flooring
 Particulate Identification,
Allergen  and Asthma Trigger Sampling
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