Infrared Thermal
Our Infrared Thermal Imaging equipment can give you peace of mind. This Technology is a non-destructive
inspection which detects the invisible before they become a major issue.
Mold Conditions
Window Leaks
Door Leaks
Missing Insulation in Ceiling and Walls
Air Leaks - Heat and Cooling Loss
Air Condition Compressor Leaks
Electrical Circuit Breaker  Hot Spots
Electrical Receptacles Hot Spots
The Infrared Thermal Imaging service we provide could prevent a fire
hazard, mold contamination, energy loss or increased insurance

Infrared is an advanced technology ‘sees’ the thermal image of an object
and measures its temperature for analysis which traditional inspection
methods cannot provide.

Infrared offers visual documentation which can be used for comparison
for later inspections, corrective actions, or in prioritizing faults for

Infrared saves time...finds information quickly and is a non-destructive
inspection application.

Infrared can detect for possible mold conditions, can locate the moisture
sources, if present, which can lead to mold growth if left uncorrected. It
can identify the areas where mold contamination is most likely to occur,
or is occurring.

Infrared can detect the source of water intrusion ...the cause and origin
of water problems. Infrared quickly and accurately locates wet areas so
you don't waste time and money tracking it down using conventional
inspection methods.
Ceiling with a visual inspection.
Ceiling with the use of an infrared
camera can detect moisture.
Water Pipe Leaks/Nail Intrusion
Termite Conditions
Roof Leaks
Examples of piping in the floor.
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