The purchase of a home is most likely the largest single investment you will make. In the decision making process of
selecting a home you are confronted with several situations which requires your direction and involvement. From the city
location, to the preferred floor plan, these decisions are made as you encounter options and subsequently require  
additional  information to make these important decisions. At REAL ESTATE REPORTS we believe a good decision is one
made by a person who has been well informed with the facts. An inspection report from REAL ESTATE REPORTS  provides
detailed information about the home and its building components, as well as, other aspects of the home including:
Our Services
Indoor Air Quality Sampling Certified       
Consult With Clients
Fully Staffed Office Personnel
Full Time Marketing Representatives
Certified ASHI Inspector
Certified NACHI Inspector
Members of CDAR & PSAR
Members Indoor Air Quality Association (IAQA)
Comprehensive, Custom-Designed Reports
Reports Documented with Photos
Infrared Thermal Imaging Inspections
Unbiased. We do not perform any Repairs
Competitively Priced
Certified Level 1 Infrared Thermographer
Certified Mold Inspector, accredited CRMI
IESO Certified Allergen Screening
Exterior walls, driveways, walks, patios, decks and fences
Foundation, sub-flooring, basement, attic and crawl space
Interior walls, ceilings, floors, windows  and doors
Heating and air conditioning systems, vents and ducting
Electrical fixtures, switches and receptacles
Plumbing supply lines, fixtures and valves
Appliances, water heaters, fireplaces and chimneys
And other essential components of the homes
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